Looking for a professional to install outlets, sockets, or A/C wiring?

Updating and Adding Outlets

Are you feeling left in the dark in your Northern Maryland or South Central PA home? Wish you had more outlets and switches to power your electrical equipment? If so, consider outlet and switch installation from a professional electrician at Westcoat Electrc, LLC!

Our team of professionals is skilled at installing outlets and switches. Whether you need a place to plug in or more convenient ways to turn a light on, the Westcoat Electric team has you covered.

Updating and Adding Light Switches

Today's modern electronics can put a high demand on your home's outlets, switches, and electrical system. That's especially true in older homes with dated electrical panels and systems. When the demand is more than an electrical system can support, homeowners can start to experience anything from flickering lights to power surges and other issues.

By having outlets or switches professionally installed by a trusted electrician, you can open up far more options for safely and conveniently powering your equipment. Westcoat Electric, LLC offers the electrical services Maryland and PA homes need to support their power demands. This includes:

✔ Whole-home rewiring services to support outlet and switch installation
✔ Whole-home surge protection service
✔ Electrical panel upgrades
✔ Indoor and outdoor switch installation
✔ Indoor and outdoor outlet installation

Don't rely on antiquated wiring, switches, and outlets to support your home's power need...get the upgrades you need by calling (410) 818-7869 today!


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