Home Wiring in Harford, Baltimore, Howard, and York County

The safest place in the world should be right under your roof.

A lot of homes in our service area - especially older ones - lack the amperage to support the stress electronics place on their systems. This is why we've made electrical wiring for residential buildings one of our specialties.

As one of the leading residential electricians in Northern Maryland and the surrounding areas, our goal is to give you the safety and peace of mind that comes with residential wiring done right. Every project we complete is handled by an experienced residential electrician and follows the exact outline of the National Electric Code. It's your home and it deserves our best.

Home Wiring, House Rewiring, and Electrical Upgrades Services

We offer a variety of services, from upgrades and improvements, to deliver the maximum safety, comfort, and security to your home. Some of our electrical services include:

Electrical Modifications: Overloaded electrical systems aren't just inconvenient, they're outright dangerous. Whether you're renovating your bathroom or completing an addition, you need to ensure your home has the power to support the extra stress. We offer the most complete electrical service upgrades available, providing a cost-effective way to protect your house while taking it to the next level.

Whole and Partial House Rewiring: Outdated wiring is a cause for concern we handle compliantly and cleanly. We excel in kitchen and bathroom rewires, but our expertise covers rewiring the whole house. Our experienced residential electricians have the experience, tools, and techniques to keep any impact on your home to a minimum. Any dated wiring, be it older knob and tube or even lack of sufficient wiring, we can handle it for you.

Electrical Troubleshooting: Our strongest point is customer service. Our team of residential electricians have the experience and ongoing training to make sure we can solve and repair and electrical issues in time and on budget.

Home Wiring for New Additions & Renovations:
Are you adding a room to your home or completely renovating an existing room? By bringing in one of Westcoat Electric, LLC residential electricians, you can make sure the home wiring in your new addition or renovation is correct the first time!

Call Westcoat Electric, LLC today at (410) 818-7869. We're ready to answer all of your home wiring and electrical upgrade questions.


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